Supporting you to take control of your health, happiness, and connectedness with an easy to use health and wellbeing app for people with HIV.

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introducing MyLife+

MyLife+ empowers people with HIV to take control of their
health and wellbeing, and manage their overall quality of life.


Take control over your wellbeing with a quality of life tracker and flexible journal for moods and symptoms.


Be empowered and take control of your health with easy to use trackers and tools for blood results and medication.


Make conversations easier using sharable health progress reports, improve your health literacy, and stay connected.


Your data is stored on your device controlled with an optional login.

taking control

Staying healthy is important. It allows you to focus on spending time with the people you love and doing the things you enjoy. LiVLife+ provides you with all your health information, in your hands. Putting you in control of your health and helping you to have better conversations with your doctors and nurses.

simple tools

Create customisable health progress reports of your progress reports of your trackers or journal that can be shared or stored. Quickly add medication or an event.

my medication

List all your medications and capture important information such as prescriber and script details, dates, and treatment notes.

discretion and privacy

Set up an optional passcode to protect your data ensuring privacy while switching between screens with a block out. You can also customise the text for optional push notifications to keep messages discreet.


Health Trackers

staying healthy

Be empowered and take control of your health and wellbeing with easy to use trackers and tools for blood results, medication, and quality of life tracking.

quality of life

Identify where your quality of life is not ideal across happiness, health, and connectedness, and identify actions you can take to make improvements.

blood results

Store your past, current and future viral load and CD4 count for easy reference. Blood results can be tracked visually over time, allowing you to check and compare results for any period and visualise any fluctuations.

my pils

Set up medication and reminders to easily track your pill taking, or add once-off items such as over the counter pills as a record.


taking note

Capture all elements of your day to day life with moods, associated events, symptoms, and general notes. Flag particular entries to help raise topics at your next appointment with your doctor or nurse.


Keep track of your moods by simply dragging the button around to a mood that best represents how you feel today.


Add an event that might explain your mood today. You can select from your own customised list of existing events, and add multiple events if you choose.


Keep note of any issues concerning you and record the severity from mild to severe. Keep an accurate record that you can share with your doctors and nurses.

Planner & Information

keeping connected

Keep track and stay in control of your health. Come prepared to your appointments with a progress report - enabling you to have better conversations with your nurses and doctors.

health progress reports

Create sharable reports that show how your health and wellbeing has been progressing. You decide what trackers or information you would like to include, and for what period of time.


Maintain and manage your healthcare contact list and plan your health related schedule. Set optional and customisable reminders with peace of mind.

information by napwha

Through ongoing consultation, NAPWHA continues to play a key role in MyLife+, providing educational material for the app and contributing to the apps functionality and content.

our partners

The MyLife+ app was created from ideation to delivery by
ViiV Healthcare for the +community, with the +community

ViiV Healthcare is the only company 100% focused on HIV. This underpins our commitment to making meaningful contributions to people with or affected by HIV, now and into the future. HIV has become a chronic treatable condition, yet challenges still remain. It is essential to improve the experience of diagnosis, testing rates, treatment, care and education for people with HIV. ViiV Healthcare delivers innovative treatments and works in partnership with the HIV community.

NAPWHA is a collaborative partner of MyLife+ and a valuable contributor to the app's content, representing the +community. NAPWHA's insight into the needs, desires and preferences of the +community have been central to every stage of the app's development and delivery, to ensure MyLife+ encompasses the tools, resources and support necessary to successfully meet the broad needs of the +community in Australia. Through ongoing consultation, NAPWHA continues to play a key role in MyLife+, providing educational material for the app and contributing to the apps functionality and content.

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